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info page titles - heading one

This is an info page paragraph. Links are underlined. First, picture Chelsea Graham (aka, me) in 2009, sewing bundles of blankets, burp cloths and onesies for my many friends who were having babies at the time. They were such a huge hit that I opened an Etsy shop for them and soon (you know how this part goes) my stash was out of control. What to do with the beautiful, colourful bolts of fabric that’d begun accumulating in my small basement studio?

Heading Two

Heading Three

This is a block quote. This bohemian-inspired design truly captivates how well different textures and fibers interweave to create a soft, lovely piece of jewelry. 8mm sized beaded beads have been wrapped to supple Greek leather.

  • the bird is just over 1" tall
  • cut fresh from the bolt
  • screen printed 100% cotton
  • 44" wide
  1. the bird is just over 1" tall
  2. cut fresh from the bolt
  3. screen printed 100% cotton
  4. 44" wide