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Woven Sew-In Labels - Perfectly Imperfect (pack of 6)


Woven Sew-In Labels - Perfectly Imperfect (pack of 6)

  • It's back, baby! Kylie's third and latest version of the beloved OG 'Perfectly Imperfect' label!
  • Now in the latest label format of the straight cut, keeping it versatile and fresh. With a nod to the 'vapourwave' aesthetic, the chill vibe of the new 'Perfectly Imperfect' label encapsulates the sentiment perfectly (if not perfectly imperfectly ☺️).
  • Included in one pack: 6 labels per pack (3 x Lilac + 3 x Ivory)
  • Dimension: 24mm x 45mm
  • Label type: Straight cut
  • How to attach: Straight cut labels are ideally sewn onto your garment rather than within your garment seams. You can attach by sewing along the edge of the label or by just attaching at 2 or more corners.

                                    Collection: KATM Woven Labels

                                    Designer: Kylie and the Machine

                                    Manufacturer: Kylie and the Machine

                                    15 Available


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