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A Year of Sewing with Nani Iro - by Naomi Ito (Paperback Pattern Book)


A Year of Sewing with Nani Iro - by Naomi Ito (Paperback Pattern Book)

  • Craft a timeless and versatile wardrobe for everyday with Nani Iro, the Japanese fabric brand by artist and textile designer Naomi Ito. In this follow-up to The Nani Iro Sewing Studio, Naomi and her talented atelier present a collection of 18 artful garments that can be enjoyed all year round--simply change the fabric selection or design elements like sleeve length to customize pieces for specific seasons. These garments are intended to be layered, mixed, and matched to push the boundaries of your wardrobe and experiment with print and color. From simple, beginner-friendly tunics that can be made in one day to more challenging dresses with special details, such as pleats and gathers, you'll find stunning garments inspired by and designed for showcasing beautiful textiles.
  • This is a softcover book featuring 136 pages + pattern inserts. 
  • About the Author: Naomi Ito is the artist and designer behind popular fabric brand Nani Iro. Beloved by art fans and textile enthusiasts around the world, Nani Iro fabric has developed a cult following since the brand’s inception by artist Naomi Ito in 2002.

      Collection: Patterns

      Designer: Nani IRO / Naomi Ito

      Designer: pattern Nani Iro

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